USF Sport Clubs strut their stuff at REC the Night


USF Sport Clubs kicked off the new school year Tuesday night with sport club demonstrations, obstacle courses and meet n’ greets at USF Campus Recreation for its Week of Welcome event, REC the Night.

The annual event welcomed thousands of both incoming and returning students into the grand facility to meet the forever growing Sport Clubs teams and athletes from basketball and volleyball all the way to rock climbing and quidditch.

“One of our main obstacles is getting dedicated members so we appreciate the opportunity to table at REC the Night,” said Catherine Hurtado, risk manager of the Women’s Basketball Club. “REC the Night is a great opportunity for clubs to showcase their sports so we’re thankful for USF Sport Clubs letting us do this.”

In the North Gym of the Campus Recreation Center, swords were clashing, Frisbees were flying and volleyballs were spiked as student athletes showed off their sports while inviting others to join in too.

“It’s cool because you get to see what you like,” said freshman Nicholas Sustek. “I didn’t know we had a paintball club or anything like that.”

Students lined up en masse to compete in the sport obstacle course which tested participants’ soccer dribbling, basketball shooting and jump roping skills.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Joshua Rowell, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. “I’ve hit every table from water polo to ultimate Frisbee and I’m definitely going to be joining Ultimate.”

REC the Night-16

REC the Night gave numerous Sport Clubs a chance to set up individual booths and meet face to face with students who were looking to get active and get involved.

“It’s much better to talk to people in person,” said Sabrina Cotton, president of the Quidditch club. “Nowadays there’s such a focus on social media but it’s hard to get this information online.”

For many sport clubs, REC the Night was about getting the word out so other students can meet new people, make new friends and enrich their college experience with USF Sport Clubs.

REC the Night-4

“We want people to enjoy rugby because we love it and we want to add that on,” said Timothy O’Toole, Men’s Rugby Club ‘Prime minister,’ as the student hailing from England prefers. “It’s about letting them know what we do, when we do it, but most importantly why we do it.”

As an international student, O’Toole is just one of many to find a home away from home with his teammates in USF Sport Clubs.

“It’s a sport like no other because it brings a brotherhood,” said O’Toole. “We do it for the boys.”

Kristofer Newsome, the new USF Sport Clubs Coordinator, was ecstatic with the attendance and has high hopes for USF Sport Clubs in the coming year.

“I was pleased with the turn out for REC the Night by our clubs; we had 25 clubs attend and I had a great time walking around meeting each club,” said Newsome. “I am looking forward to an exciting year for all of our clubs.”

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By Huw Morgan-Baveystock, USF Sport Clubs Marketing Supervisor

It’s the Little Things That Count


It is a common misconception that once you begin an exercise routine, the additional calories you’re burning justify more cheat meals, or treating yourself more frequently. “Everything in moderation”, right? Unfortunately, the little indulgences alone can add up to a whole day’s worth of calories. Instead of convincing yourself you deserve some candy because you worked out that day, start to think in terms of how much exercise that candy is really costing you – you just might find that it’s not worth it.

Just as the small indulgences help pack on the calories, simple modifications in activities of daily living can have the opposite effect. Intentionally parking farther away from your destination, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and finding more opportunities to walk around at work are all easy solutions to sneakily burn off calories.

The minimum recommended number of steps to achieve each day is 10,000. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) estimates that the average person can burn 3,500 calories a week just by getting the appropriate number of steps each day. That’s one whole pound you can lose a week, just by walking! Imagine; you intentionally park farther away from work, the grocery store, etc., and lose extra pounds every year.

ACE Article: