Construction Staging to Begin Dec. 14, 2009


 USF Campus Recreation Center expansion and nutrition center: Project staging/parking plan-revised

Today Campus Recreation received a construction/parking update from Doug Mann, USF Facilities Planning. The email states:

“Attached is the revised Site Utilization Plan for the Campus Recreation Center expansion & Nutrition Center.  We have reduced the parking impact to Lot 6 from 266 spaces  to 210 spaces.  The parking impact to Lot 22A will also be reduced greatly in the spring of 2010, (details to follow).  This staging plan will begin implementation on December 14, 2009 and will be in place when classes resume in January, 2010.”

Please refer to the attached image when you plan to park at Campus Recreation. The Walkway to Lot 22A that is between Campus Recreation and the Sun Dome will not be accessible during construction. (“Shift” + “left click” to see larger image)

Map of constructionstaging area beggining Dec. 14, 2009

Construction Staging Area


At this time Campus Recreation does not have the final floor plans for our expansion. As soon as information becomes available we will notify all of our members.

Thank you for your continued support,

USF Campus Recreation


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