Happy New Year!


There have been many changes to the entry way at the Campus Recreation Center over the holiday break. Let’s jump right in to the changes you will see first:

Now when you come into the Campus Recreation Center you will check in on the right side of the entry. Our facility staff will be ready to swipe your USF ID card!


Next, Membership Services has been torn down. Within a few days a walk way will be in place from the front entrance to the back business office, where membership services is located (in the very first cubical). All business services are functioning, you just need to walk a little farther to the back of the Campus Recreation offices.

The Equipment Room has been moved to racquetball court #1 for the next few months. Courts 2-6 will remain open, but there will not be a challenge court available. Racquetball court reservations can be made by calling (813)974-3608.

As for the expansion and the new building, we have some very exciting pictures to share with you. The second level has now been added in the old “Lower Basketball

Gym” and the walkways from the old fitness floor have been cut out of the wall. In the new “Basketball Gym” building the roof is almost complete and the girders for the second level running lanes are in place. You can see some of the great window spaces that runners will be able to look out as they round the track.

We are excited that the expansion is on track and scheduled to be completed in late July 2011. The next round of major changes will take place during Spring Break. At that time all the fitness equipment will be moved into the upper gym while the expansion of the fitness floor is completed. All equipment will still be available for use, just relocated. We will post more on this subject as the date approaches.


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