Can Campus Recreation build both my resume and my individuality?


As college students, we are all ultimately searching for opportunities that can better our future in the professional world. Drilled into our mindset, from day one, is what the stereotypical, I-always-have-everything-together business man or woman should look and act like. But how can we be that idealistic individual and make ourselves stand apart from the rest of the millions of fellow students that graduate each year?

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It would be hypocritical to say that there is only one set answer. The fact is, what sets you apart from your peers should be unique. You need to find an opportunity that builds both your resume and your confidence, highlights your qualifications as well as your personality and catches the eyes of future employers but still holds a special spot in your fondest memories.

For some, the answer is two simple words: Campus Recreation.

“I was always at the gym working out. Then I thought, ‘Why not?’.” facilities staff employee Kaelyn Thompson said, “I’m learning to work with all types of people and helping others achieve their goals. Every job, no matter what your major, will look for those skills.”

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for something that basic and fun?

“Working with Campus Rec. provides a bunch of experiences you can’t get elsewhere.” Intramural Supervisor, Roger Jerez, said, “I’m making money for helping people stay active and healthy. I gain leadership skills and get to interact with my peers on a regular basis.”

Does this sound like your calling? The University of South Florida Campus Recreation Department is currently offering two opportunities to join their talented staff: Group Fitness Instructor Training (GFIT) and Intramural Officials Training.

GFIT is a unique program that will allow you to explore different areas  and topics of group  fitness classes and becoming an instructor. This program will  prep you for a national group exercise certification exam and be the first step towards joining our fitness team.

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Intramural Officials Training is offered February 10th and 11th for softball and February 18th and 19th for soccer. USF Intramurals will be selecting the strongest officials from training and hiring them for the spring.

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As struggling college students, we need to take advantage of every professional opportunity. If that opportunity happens to benefit your wellbeing and coincide with your talents and passions, then you have struck gold. No one ever said it would be easy, but that’s what makes it worth it. Let Campus Recreation help you set yourself apart. Now’s your chance; make it happen!

-Lisa Thornton, USF Sport Clubs Marketing Supervisor


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