#PreventPink with Campus Recreation


It’s finally October and that means it’s the season of Pumpkin-Spiced everything. But the month of October is also about something more: it’s dedicated to raising awareness about Breast Cancer.

Every October, campus recreation centers across the country launch campaigns to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. This year, Campus Recreation is collaborating with Student Health Services and the Maternal and Child Health Student Organization to promote awareness here at USF. Amy Phillips, a Public Health graduate student with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health, is overseeing the campaign for the second consecutive year.

Phillips is conducting a research project that is focused on assessing breast cancer knowledge among female students and the level of influence that an awareness campaign may have on this knowledge.

“This year’s campaign is aimed at increasing screening practices and knowledge among college-age women at USF,” she said.

The main points Phillips wants people to get out of the campaign are that one-in-eight women are affected by Breast Cancer, but men are also susceptible. She wants people to understand their risk factors so they can take action in the hopes that they can reduce the prevalence and severity of breast cancer and #PreventPink.

Lower your risk: Reduce alcohol consumption, Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet, and be physically active 150 minutes a week.

Throughout the month, Campus Rec will have ribbons available to commemorate those who have fought or are currently fighting the disease. Patrons can stop by the Welcome Desk to fill out a ribbon.

Photo of Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons
Breast Cancer awareness ribbons on display in Campus Recreation Center

Every Friday, Campus Rec and Student Health Services will celebrate Think Pink Friday. A table will be set up at the Rec Center and at Student Health Services from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to give out prizes and information about Breast Cancer and its prevention. Stop by one of these tables on a Think Pink Friday to learn more!

Think Pink table inside Campus Recreation Center


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