Volleyball Club Impresses in Tournaments and with Team Unity


Even though the USF Volleyball Club may be breaking in new members, its impressive play has earned it passage into the finals at each of its last three tournaments. The team brought home a first place ranking from a tournament at Stetson, second and fourth places in Miami and first and third place spots in a home tournament at USF.

The club’s treasurer, Katherine Ridyard, talked about the team’s performance and what has sparked their emphatic play.

“Our team chemistry has been really good and we all like working together and making each other better,” she said.

Building unity is a priority for the club’s officers, having implemented team events and dinners to help teammates get more acquainted.

“We’ve done a lot of team bonding events like the car wash – we were all together for hours. We had a huge get together and hang out to see volleyball and soccer games and we just try to become better friends,” Ridyard said.

The purpose of the car wash was to raise money to purchase new jerseys for the team.

“The uniforms that the school has right now do not say ‘USF’ on them, so they’re plain uniforms. We really want to get uniforms that we can represent our school in and that we are comfortable in,” she said.

The Volleyball Club has an A and a B team, as well as more than 40 recreational members. While some clubs struggle to retain members, Ridyard says team commitment is high.

“We make sure everyone is committed to the club before they join. They have set practices and if they can’t make it they need to inform us.” said Ridyard. “We try to have open gym every now and then so people who aren’t on the team, but part of the club, can play as well.”

The Volleyball Club’s final two fall tournaments will be at UCF on Nov. 9-10 and UF on Dec. 6-7.

For the spring semester, the club is looking to participate in tournaments at UCF, UF and possibly the University of Georgia.

Practices are Sundays from 7 to 8:45 p.m. and Thursdays from 6 to 7:45 p.m. in the Campus Recreation North Gym.  Interested students can register to be a part of the Volleyball Club here.

Volleyball Team