Cricket Club Wins Regionals-Named Club of the Month


After winning the American College Cricket National Championship last year, the USF Cricket Club knew they would be entering the season as the team to beat. After their recent win at regionals, they are now one step closer to their goal as back to back national champs.

President of the Cricket Club, Vishwaksena Reddy Vuppunutala, said the club is breaking in some new faces and preparation has been essential.

“When we were going for regionals, it was a completely new team from nationals because a lot of players from that team graduated. Everyone had expectations for USF since we won last year and with many teams targeting us, we had to be better prepared.”

The road does not end here for the Cricket Club as their win at regionals guarantees the team an invite to nationals.

Club member Harshavardhan Amba said winning the national championship last year and representing USF on the national stage meant a lot to the club.

“Ultimately now, everyone who plays cricket wants to play for USF and we felt that we needed to contribute to USF; it’s a feeling that still stays with us and it’s a memory we will have for the rest of our lives.”

While cricket may seem like a difficult sport to pick up, both describe it as thrilling and entertaining to play.

“The most exciting aspect of cricket is it’s a sport that requires team play. Grit and determination of the players in a team is visible in a game and the team bonding just like any other team sport is what makes it special.”

Many would assume that cricket isn’t a popular sport, but cricket is usually ranked as one of the top sports in the world according to Vuppunutula.

“Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. It has a large number of people following it in Asia and India.”

For those interested in Cricket, Vuppunutula assures it is something worth learning about.

“If you want to learn something new and have a lot of fun then you should definitely come out and try.”

The Cricket Club has not only been doing their part on the field, but has also done a tremendous job becoming more involved on campus. For this reason they have been named the Club of the Month by the USF Sport Club Office.

Practice information for the spring is not available at this time. Interested students can register to be a part of the Cricket Club at

Cricket Photo


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