Rec the New Year with Campus Recreation


A new year means a fresh start for many. It is a great time to start a fitness regimen, or kick your current one up a notch. With everything that Campus Recreation has to offer, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, regardless of your interests or level of fitness.

The start of the new year also means the start of a new semester, and there is no shortage of planned activities. Interested in playing a sport on campus? Check out more than 30 Intramural Sports we offer throughout the year. If you like basketball, be sure to sign up for the Rock & Jock Basketball Tournament, which will take place Jan. 9 – 10.

_DSC0472 _DSC0163

Group fitness classes are also kicking into full gear. Classes are free and registration can be done easily online. Not sure which classes are for you? Be sure to check out the Bulls Blast Fitness Expo Jan. 7 to get a sampling of the classes we offer. You can also take part in cardio challenges, meet with personal trainers and check out some Small Group Training sessions.

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Do you enjoy the outdoors? We have good news! Although it was closed over break, Riverfront Park has now reopened. The Outdoor Resource Center inside the Rec Center is also open and  available to help you rent bikes and other equipment,  repair any damages your bike or skateboard may have received over break, plan your own trips or sign up for preplanned Adventure Trips.

IMG_7849_1 IMG_0051 (2)

The start of the New Year is also a great time to try out a new sport. Sport Clubs travel around the state and sometimes around the country as they represent USF against other schools. From Fencing to Fishing and Lacrosse to Quidditch, there is bound to be a sport for everyone. Stop by the Sport Clubs office and they will be happy to help you join one of more than the 40 existing clubs, or will walk you through the steps of forming a new one.

_DSC0925 08 _DSC0403

Remember, students who are registered for Spring 2015 classes already have access to the facility— you just need to swipe your ID at the turnstiles when you come in. If you are not a student but still want to use the facility, signing up for a membership is easy with a valid USF ID. Stop by the Membership Services office during office hours to register. Throughout the month of January, we are offering New Year’s specials where you can receive 20 percent  off the cost of one month’s membership or a free month with the purchase of a yearly membership. For rates and more information, visit our website at

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