Rugby Player Selected for USA Rugby Academic Honor Roll


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College can be a stressful experience, with many students working to balance classes, extracurricular activities, social lives and a job. Women’s Rugby Club President Robyn Oliveri manages to excel both on and off the field, succeeding as a rugby player, USF Registrar’s office employee, volunteer and student.

Oliveri was recently nominated by her coach to be on the USA Rugby National Collegiate Academic Honor Roll.  Now in her second year on the Honor Roll, she shared her secret for success. “I balance my time well. I get homework done on the weekends. Then if I’m not at practice, I’m at the gym.”

One key factor in her success is her fellow teammates. “Everyone supports each other,” Oliveri said. This mentality applies both on and off the field for this talented team of women. “You’re never running by yourself in a game. We run with each other for support. We also have team dinners and library sessions.”

The Women’s Rugby Club is a huge part of Oliveri’s life, but it wasn’t always that way.  “When I started college, rugby was totally new to me.” She joined the club as a rookie, learning the game and eventually becoming the club’s president. “It’s so different from other sports, the physicality of it.”

One of Oliveri’s favorite aspects of the club is the women she plays with every week. “You get to learn how to work with a lot of different people as a team. You need fast players, strong players, as well as kickers, and everyone is important.”

Oliveri encourages interested women to join the club, which just moved up to Division I and plays UCF, FIU, FSU and UF. The club is looking for more rookies to join, no experience needed. To learn more about the club or to join, check out BullSync or click the link:

By Amanda Carnevale, Sport Club Supervisor


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