USF Sport Clubs Welcome Back Alumni Members



Each year USF sport clubs host alumni games, in which past club members have the opportunity to come out and play their sport with current club members, reconnecting and reminiscing with old friends and meeting and mentoring new students.  The Men’s Lacrosse Club hosted an alumni game this month, and past members were excited to come out and take the field once again.  Rohan Korpal, who studied at USF from 2011-2015, came back to support and play with the current team.  “I enjoyed my time with the club so I wanted to give back to the new guys.  I always looked forward to playing on the alumni side of this game.”


The Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club hosted a tournament this year and invited alumni members to join in on the action.  Alumni member Danielle Davis, who attended USF from 2009-2013, explained how important the club was to her college experience.  “I met all of my friends through Ultimate Frisbee.  It’s like a mini family.”  She reminded current students to stay dedicated to classes and the club.  “It’ll pay off in the long run!”

Stephen Ierardi, who played with the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club from 2008-2011, emphasized the benefits of joining a sport club.  “I was able to start college with thirty friends who were older, had different majors and were involved on campus.  I got to see what student life was like from the beginning.”

Ultimate group

The Men’s Rugby Club also hosted an alumni game this semester.  Alumni player Kris Jackson, who attended USF from 2009-2013, had never tried the sport before college and joined the club after being invited by his roommate freshman year.  “The club is how I met all of my current friends,” he stated.  “We still meet up for different alumni events throughout the year.”  He encourages current students to come out, saying sport clubs are a great way to meet lots of people and find friends.

The Men’s Rugby Alumni game is of particular importance to the Faile family.  Joshua Faile played rugby at USF for four years, graduating in 2013.  He passed away in January 2014, but his father, Billy Faile, still attends the annual alumni game to support the team that meant so much to his son.  “I thought he’d only go to college for the first year, but he joined the rugby club and played all four years.  It was a motivating factor for him to finish college.”  Billy Faile loves coming out to watch the game and catch up with his son’s friends.  “As a dad, it makes you proud to see them come in as freshmen and leave as men.”  He remembered the lessons that the club taught Joshua and encouraged new students to join.  “You learn that there is more to it than the game. You learn to leave your problems on the field, work together as a family, and have fun at socials.”

Alumni members love coming out each year to support the USF Sport Clubs community.  Returning for games reminds them of all the memories made and lessons learned.  Men’s Rugby player Eric Lund, who attended USF from 2006-2010, left sport clubs athletes with an important piece of advice: “You should enjoy every minute of it because it ends too quickly!”

To learn more about USF Sport Clubs, or to join, check out Bull Sync.

By Amanda Carnevale, Sport Clubs Supervisor


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