Improve Deadlifts by Strengthening this Muscle Group




Earlier in December, we brought up that doing deadlifts with incorrect posture can cause serious injury and gave some tips on how to avoid injury by engaging lower back muscles. Now we are giving you information about another major muscle group responsible for posture and bar path during the deadlift, latissimus dorsi (also known as lats).

The lat muscles (lats) connect the shoulders to the spine. Weak lats can cause the upper back to round during a deadlift, again making it easier to cause injury. Lats also attach to all the vertebrae below the shoulder blades, allowing them to assist in keeping the lower back in the desired neutral position.

 During the deadlift, the bar should be close to your body, giving you the mechanical advantage (more leverage) to pull more weight. Lats are responsible for keeping the bar close to the body in the initial pull from the floor and after the bar has passed the knees.

Deadlifts are a great exercise for your hamstrings and glutes, but weak latissimus dorsi (lats) can increase your chances of injury during deadlifts. Be sure to check our Facebook page for tips on how to strengthen your lats so you can keep a neutral spine and lift like a pro.

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