Deadlift December



While deadlifts may look like just picking the bar up and putting it down, there are many techniques required during the exercise. Here are a few tips you may have heard and what they mean.

  1. “Drive through your heels”: Imagine pressing your heels into the ground to focus on putting force into the ground instead of just lifting up the bar. you avoid your weight rolling forward towards your toes. If your weight rolls forward and your heels come up off the floor, then the bar will be too far away from your body and you no longer have a mechanical advantage.

2) “Don’t squat your deadlift”: This is to ensure that your hips aren’t too low in the start position. Hips should be higher than the knees, and only slightly lower than the shoulders during your setup.  Everyone’s optimal setup will vary slightly, so experiment with what setup allows you to generate the most force into the floor while maintaining proper spine alignment.

3) “Chest up”: This one seems like it contradicts “don’t squat your deadlift” at first. If you’re raising your hips higher, then your chest automatically will dip lower, right? This is where you should find your happy medium. Yes, hips should not be too low, but unless you’re performing a straight-legged deadlift, someone standing in front of you should still be able to read the writing on your shirt.


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