USF Sport Club Council takes over Thanksgiving with Capture the Flag Tournament


The USF Sport Club Council (SCC) Executive Board is getting into the holiday spirit as its members host their SCC Thanksgiving Takeover this Sunday at Sycamore Fields. The event is open to all Sport Clubs’ members looking to compete in a capture the flag tournament while getting to know students from other clubs in the department.

“The SCC Thanksgiving Takeover was made to be an involvement requirement for all clubs,” said Kelsey Beloff, a junior civil engineering major and chair of the SCC Executive Board. “We were playing around with a bunch of ideas and we finally landed on capture the flag.”

To fulfill the involvement criteria for classification requirements, clubs must send at least four members to the event to receive credit. The Thanksgiving Takeover will also have a canned food drive in the spirit of giving thanks.

“The main goal of doing these events is to unify Sport Clubs,” said Sagar Shahani, senior biomedical sciences major. “Thanksgiving is a time to be together so Sport Clubs, the family that we are, are thankful for sport.”

The SCC’s motto is ‘different in sport, united in purpose,’ and the SCC Executive Board organizes events such as the Thanksgiving Takeover, which already has over 40 RSVP’s, to bring together the 2,200 student athletes from more than 40 sport clubs.

“We have dodgeball that’s been going on for a couple years and that will be back in spring,” said Daniel Hoeflich, a senior civil engineering major and vice chair of the SCC Executive Board. “But this is the first time we’ve done anything in fall in recent years.”

The Thanksgiving Takeover comes at the end of a successful semester for the SCC Executive Board, which includes enacting change to reimplement pre-paid travel for its sport clubs.

“I felt pretty powerful myself,” said Shahani, who is also president of the Men’s Ultimate Club.

Earlier this semester, the SCC Executive Board along with numerous Sport Club members, petitioned against the ruling that would get rid of pre-paid travel, which is integral to the functioning and efficiency of sport clubs. Much to the delight of the SCC Executive Board, the ruling was later reversed.

“We figured out the pre-paid travel faster than I thought we would,” Beloff said. “I was like ‘wow, we’re actually making a difference.’”

Beloff is also vice president and risk manager of the Women’s Rugby Club, a club that frequently uses pre-paid travel for away games and tournaments.

Next on the agenda for the SCC Executive Board is reviewing the submitted annual budgets of all the sport clubs.

“That will start pretty much now; they were due this past week so we’re going to start looking over them,” Shahani said. “We do have a lot on our plate.”

Beloff says that teamwork is key to taking on this project for the SCC Executive Board.

“We need to be more unified; if we weren’t before, we need to be now,” Beloff said. “We have to tackle this huge project of budgets and we all need each other.”

Still unknown to some, the individual sport clubs make up the SCC while the Executive Board serves the department and its students. Shahani joined the SCC Executive Board to clear up any of these lingering ambiguities.

“I did it so I can understand how things work,” Shahani said. “I was treasurer the year before and I had no idea who I was talking to or why I was talking to them or what they did—that plus trying to get more integrated into the university.”

Hoeflich, president of the Ice Hockey Club, joined to offer his wisdom to further the SCC Executive Board and the Sport Clubs program that both continue to move forward year after year.

“I thought I knew a lot about sport clubs and I figured I could help in any way I could,” Hoeflich said. “So that is why I joined the SCC Executive Board.”

The SCC Thanksgiving Takeover capture the flag tournament will take place Sunday, Nov. 20, at Sycamore Fields starting at 4 p.m. and will finish at approximately 6:30 p.m. Remember, four people must be present to receive involvement credit for classification requirements. Don’t worry, no need to RSVP.

For more SCC Thanksgiving Takeover information, visit the event page on Bullsync.

For more information on the SCC Executive Board, the SCC and USF Sport Clubs, visit our website.

By Huw Morgan-Baveystock, USF Sport Clubs Marketing Assistant


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